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We have upgraded our website, offering larger photos, new products and features, along with the entire site being built mobile friendly, so now you can order from your smart phone, iPad or tablet. Minerva Dairy is an extension of our local family-owned dairy farms. We believe in the value of our relationships with our dairy owners/operators, because without them we would not be able to offer the type of products our customers have come to love. Minerva Dairy has a well established brand, and we have the capacity and experience to service larger accounts with a wide variety of products.

We are always experimenting with unique specialty cheeses, but have a large customer base that is loyal to our products which range from Cheddars, Italians, Specialties, and Swiss varieties. Special recipe requests and packing requirements are often mastered by our cheesemaking team. Our extensive experience enables us to create cheeses that meet a wide range of tastes and cultures.

We have been producing Award-Winning products in Natural Cheese and Butter that have been a local as well as national favorite across the country. We look forward to introducing you to our product and continually strive to bring the best products and services our great great grandfather started years ago in a small town in Wisconsin.


Look for this symbol beside some of your favorite items. These products feature Free Shipping and are certified Lacey May Outstanding Picks!